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Annual Report andAccounts 2014-2015

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As a service delivery organisation, we also recognise the

importance of putting the customer first and we understand

that how people perceive SAAS will be determined by how

we, as employees, communicate with our customers and

stakeholders. For that reason, we also uphold a value of:

Customer focus – putting customers at the centre of

everything we do

Transforming the Business

The Agency is focused on enhancing the efficiency,

effectiveness and quality of our services.The continuing

challenge is how to successfully transform the business

while at the same time maintaining appropriate service

delivery standards.The difficult economic environment and

accompanying pressures on public spending along with the

sheer scale of change required to keep pace with ever evolving

technological advances make this particularly difficult.

The Management Board has therefore spent some time over

the year considering the future direction of the Agency and

how best to match the scale of change required with the



a result, we have developed five key

strategic goals that will drive and direct all change activity

over the coming 3‑5 years.

Strategic Goal 1: Build our organisational efficiency,

capability and capacity and invest in our people

Strategic Goal 2: Influence and contribute towards

national policy through the provision of high‑quality

evidence‑based advice

Strategic Goal 3: Meet our customers’ expectations in a

digital age

Strategic Goal 4: Embed a customer‑centred service

delivery approach,making it as easy as possible to do

business with us

Strategic Goal 5: Develop robust and sustainable

partnerships with key stakeholders based on co-operation

and collaboration

In 2014‑2015, through careful planning and resource allocation

we have successfully delivered a range of improvement

activities whilst maintaining a service that is acceptable to

our customers.Activities undertaken over and above business

as usual during the last 12 months include:


Full-time Applications